This award-winning documentary follows four deaf entertainers: CJ Jones (comic), Robert DeMayo (actor), Bob Hitermann (drummer with the deaf rock band Beethoven’s Nightmare) and TL Forsberg (singer.) The film received rave reviews including critics’ pick in the New York Times and screened over 136 cities as the first open captioned commercial film in American history. Distribution through New Video and available on Netflix and Amazon.

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"Complex, candid and all-but-essential viewing for hearing audiences, Hilari Scarl's intrepid debut feature, 'See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary,' educates without lecturing and engages without effort."
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This short documentary about the prohibition of skateboarding in public spaces was shot, edited, scored and delivered in five days for the 2006 Docu Challenge by the International Documentary Association. It was a finalist and received distribution with Current TV. 




This short documentary was commissioned by Current TV to take a playful look at the underground Rock Paper Scissors party in Los Angeles where costumed contestants (and one machine) dueled over the trophy in a bracketed tournament play with a referee, contestants and a cheering crowd.




An in-depth look at the young people in Northern Ireland 30 years after “The Troubles” to explore their belief systems about the violence, segregation and prejudice that many of their parents experienced. The BBC covered the innovative theater project directed by Hilari Scarl that involved young people from three diverse communities; each group wrote short plays based on stereotypes of other areas. They were surprised and terrified to learn that all three groups were being brought together to perform their works for each other, which lead to healing discussions about their work and the future of Northern Ireland.




A behind the scenes look at the making of this ultra low-budget short comedy shot in a single day with over 20 kids, a set of triplets, a failed bubble machine and a clever substitute for the missing slate. Featuring executive producer/co-writer Gary Anthony Williams; edited by Doug Matheson.




This promo was created as a proposal package for a feature documentary that would follow the Young Players Ensemble during their largest and most ambitious international project.

After 15 years of multinational productions, the Young Players Ensemble (founded and directed by Hilari Scarl) created the Worldplay project that would bring young people from divided countries together through theater. Teenagers from sister companies in Moscow, Chechnya, Palestine, Israel, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Northern Ireland and the United States were involved in the five-year development process. The documentary proposal was accepted into the Sundance Producers Program after securing Sharon Stone to narrate the film. This promo was filmed and edited by Jeff Gatesman.