The Whatever Years – coming of age drama

Fourteen extraordinary teens have come together to create an original scripted show based on true stories from their real lives. The characters are extensions of the cast and the challenges they face, including food insecurity, bullying, LGBTQ youth identity, mental illness and gun violence.


Sign Me Frankie – half-hour comedy series

LOGLINE: A socially awkward daughter of Deaf parents is thrown into the world of interpreting sign language where she tries to do right by her parents without completely losing herself. Top 1% on Redlist, top 2% on Blacklist, seven accolades including Golden Script Competition Finalist.


Advanced Anarchy 101 – half-hour teen drama

LOGLINE: A group of diverse teen activists are invited to a unique school that supports their mission to better the world until they're joined by vapid influencers and confronted by questionable corporate interests.


The Butterfly Kidz - half-hour children’s animated series (hired writer for producer)

LOGLINE: Based on the popular children’s books, the animated series empowers kids to believe in themselves as they journey through a magical world to earn their butterfly wings.